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What is “Old Kid”?

When I was a kid my father had a funny little nickname for me. “Old Kid”. He’d say it in this funny voice. “You old kid you”! I always thought it was neat. My own little thing. I knew I wanted to use it somehow, somewhere in my adult life. I didn’t quite figure out how I wanted it used till I needed a name for my photography. It was instant. My photography was that “Old Kid”. I am an old kid! I enjoy having fun! I try to capture moments in time, not forced, rigid poses. And I hope my work reflects that. The feeling of youthfulness and innocence. I really love what I do and I put my all into it. I hope you enjoy my work and that I can continue to share with you for many years to come.

My style of photography is very organic. Especially when it comes to portraits. Some of the best moments are caught when you’re not posed. A child running on a playground, blowing bubbles, making that face that portrays the person’s personality to a tee. Those moments are what I try and capture. I love natural light, so a shoot will consist of being outdoors whenever possible. If not outside, then using as much natural light as possible indoors. I also will come to you, wherever you’d like to shoot. With children especially, I find that being in their own home and surroundings makes them more comfortable and much more cooperative, which is a good thing for all involved!

I am in the Fenton, MO area, but will travel to anywhere in the St. Louis area. Feel free to contact me anytime at You can also call at 314-691-0568.

All images on this website are the sole property of Susan Fischer and Old Kid Photography. Use of these images without the consent of the above is not permitted. Please contact me with any questions.

Peace and Love,

Susan Fischer